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Did you know that the word Geography comes from the Greek Word “Geographia” which means “Earth’s Description”.
Geography is where we learn about all the countries of the world and which nations lives there.  It also explains everything about volcanos, rivers, earthquakes, rocks, trees, the weather and, so much more. 


More than 400 free quizzes on geography. Nine different game modes that challenge you in different ways and keeps learning interesting.  Also has a voice feature to learn how to pronounce the names of countries and cities. 

National Geographic

A collection of 15-20 activities ranging on topics from Geography and History, to Math, Science and Literature.  
Good for grades 6 and above

Online Game, or downloadable app. You are dropped somewhere in the world and have to figure out from clues around you where you are located. 

The worlds largest treasure hunt

Lizard Point
Online interactive quizzes and map. Great for all ages! 

Kids World Travel Guide
Website made by teenagers for kids!  Geography quizzes and writing competitions hosted regularly.  See the world through kids eyes!

World Atlas



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Everything and Anything

Sheppard Software
100s of games on a variety of topics!