Costume day and mishloach manot exchange tomorrow at school. Our Motzei Shabbat looked like this: “I need to give to Tamar, Noa and the new girl Toby tomorrow. She doesn’t have friends yet. I’m her friend. And 3 more girls.” “Noa you were told 1 candy and everyone switches. Read the email from your teacher. It’s in Hebrew. I’m not lying. ” “But I won’t see them on Purim!!! I don’t know where they live.” *Insert argument here* “Fine put them in your bag and give them secretly during hafsaka (recess).” “Ima add Avidan to the list. He fixes everything at school. He may not get.” Nechama “Also, the mazkirut (secretary). I forgot her name. What’s her name??? She works really hard.” “Just write Nechama and Noa Barak on the bottom. It’ll be fine..I don’t remember her name either.” *Stop Channah eating the candy* *Insert meltdown* *Another freak-out* “I forgot to make cards for my teachers.” Shoshy “How many teachers???” *Makes list* “10.” “It’s 8pm. Make one and we’ll photocopy it.” *Draws elaborate anime till 9.30pm* Noa gets out of bed crying, “But I want to give all the girls in my class. There is 27. Make me 27.” *Morah has rules talk* *WhatsApp other class mum how many teachers in Channah’s gan. Also doesn’t remember. Throw 5 packs in her bag. Hopes for the best. I know 3 for sure.* *Loud illegal fireworks.* Channah jumps out of bed screaming, “Bomb. Mamaad (bombshelter).” End scene with me depleted on the couch. I had decided on only making mishloach manot (food giftbags) for the kids friends and teachers. I am burnt out over mishloach manot. I don’t want to take the fun out of it for the kids. So I’ll focus on making sure Purim is still fun for them. On Purim day I’ve settled for just the halachic requirement for the rest of us = 2 each on the day. A few extra for kids friends who knock on the door on Purim day. Eilan will be working. My ankle is still broken. I am in pain walking. The big ones can run to friends. Little ones only friends on the street. I packed 60!!!!!!! 60 for just kids friends and teachers!!!!!! I’m in shock. We donated money to our shul. When a member is having a hard time the shul gives them funds to help get by. (Our shul doesn’t have membership fees, members refers to people who daven there frequently.) I thought it’d be a heck of a lot easier and meaningful. More in the spirit of Purim. So when someone knocks on our door this Tuesday, this card will be given instead. Found the pic in a Google search and added text. It feels weird, but also nice and a relief that I don’t need to pack more mishloach manot. I am focusing on the Mitzvah, even though I feel this weird guilt for not giving to all my friends. But Hashem gave us halachic guidelines. 2 foods to 2 people. Focus on giving money to those in need. That’s what I’m doing. Even though Purim has turned into this mega focus of giving mishloach manot to everyone. The chips section was empty at the store on Wednesday!!BTW, I heard Parshat Zachor 7 TIMES TODAY!!! If that doesn’t wipe out whatever weird Ayin Hara on me, then I don’t know what will. – 9:15am Teymani version – 9.18am Sephardic version – 9.20am American version. Lolz. Love my shul Second reading after services – Teymani again – Sephardic version again – late stragglers so Teymani again – even later stragglers so Teymani version again Purim sameach….I’ll still accept alcohol and chocolate and whatever else that’s gluten free you wanna give me. Got diagnosis of celiac. Yay.